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Our Learning

About Our Academics

Affirm Leadership Christian Academy (ALCA) offers a Christ-centered, college-prep, educational setting for cultivating knowledge, creativity, character, and wisdom.  Distinctively aligned with the truth of God’s Word, we seek to cultivate godly growth within each girl. Academic and spiritual standards are high to provide the springboard for creative expression.  We are committed to serving the “whole girl” academically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually!

Every girl receives personal attention from certified and qualified teachers, who are prepared to give each scholar a thriving education experience. Differentiated learning is at the core of our instruction meeting the need of every girl at her level and ensuring consistent growth while challenging her abilities and maximizing her potential. 


Curriculum Overview

  • S.T. E².A.M. – Our S.T. E².A.M. Program is facilitated on a practicum model platform that offers hands-on camps, workshops, and real-world experiences.
  • ARCHITECTURE – Our Architecture Program engages scholars in an innovative, rigorous digital learning environment that prepares them for the 21st century and beyond.
  • LEADERSHIP – Our Leadership Program develops executive functioning skills, a growth mind-set, and a keen sense for business . The areas of target are higher education attainment, career readiness, and personal development.
  • GOVERNMENT – Our Civic Education Program provides educational classes on advocacy, community service and engagement, and politics.
  • PERFORMING ARTS – Through the exposure of a creative culture, scholar’s talents are cultivated and their imagination is stimulated to produce self-confidence.
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Student Life

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Spanish, Life-Skills, Home Ec, and project-based and service- learning classes offered for PreK-8th grade.
Academic and fine-arts competition.
Student-led instruction, clubs, and committees.
Cultural field trips, internships, and summer programming.

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